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Network Ethernet Cables

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HP DHC-C5E-FTP-1M Ethernet Cable (1m)
Rp 30,000

Orico PUG-C6-20-BK 2m CAT6
Rp 30,000

HP DHC-CAT6-FTP-1M Ethernet Cable (1m)
Rp 35,000

Orico PUG-C6-30-BK 3m CAT6
Rp 35,000

Orico PUG-C6-50-BK 5m CAT6
Rp 45,000

HP DHC-C5E-FTP-3M Ethernet Cable (3m)
Rp 50,000

Orico PUG-GC6-30-BLUE 3m CAT6
Rp 50,000

HP DHC-CAT6-FTP-3M Ethernet Cable (3m)
Rp 55,000

Orico PUG-GC6-50-BLUE 5m CAT6
Rp 60,000

Orico PUG-C6-100-BK 10m CAT6
Rp 65,000

Orico PUG-C6-150-BK 15m CAT6
Rp 95,000

Orico PUG-C6-200-BK 20m CAT6
Rp 120,000

Orico PUG-C6-300-BK 30m CAT6
Rp 150,000

Vention B05 CAT5E FTP Patch Cable (30m)
(100Mbps transmission rate / Aluminum foil shielding Pure copper core Twisted pair anti-interference Gold-plated contacts Soft PVC body)
Rp 230,000

UTP Belden CAT5E (305m)
Rp 1,300,000

UTP CommScope / AMP CAT5E (305m)
(1000 ft / 305m)
Rp 1,300,000

UTP Schneider Electric CAT6 (305m)
Rp 1,350,000

UTP CommScope / AMP CAT6 (305m)
(1000 ft / 305m)
Rp 1,600,000

UTP Belden CAT6 (305m)
Rp 1,800,000

STP Belden CAT5E (305m)
(1000 ft / 305 m)
Rp 1,950,000
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