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Eyota Keyboard USB
(USB Wired)
Rp 50,000
Mini Flexible Keyboard
Rp 60,000

A4TECH Keyboard TK-5 USB Retractable Numeric Keypad
(USB Wired)
Rp 90,000
M-Tech Wireless Numeric Keyboard
Rp 90,000

Logitech Keyboard K100 Classic
(PS/2 Wired)
Rp 92,000

HP Keyboard K130 Gaming
(USB Wired)
Rp 110,000

Logitech Keyboard K120
(USB Wired)
Rp 117,000

Fantech Keyboard Gaming K10 Hunter
Rp 140,000

Logitech Keyboard K200 USB Multimedia
(USB Wired)
Rp 150,000

NYK Nemesis Gaming Keyboard Guild K-01 TKL Rainbow
(USB Wired, Rainbow Backlight, Tenkeyless, Rubber Dome Keys)
Rp 160,000

Fantech Keyboard Gaming K611L Fighter Full Size
Rp 170,000

Rexus Keyboard Battlefire K71 Gaming
Rp 170,000

Fantech Keyboard Gaming K512 Archer
Rp 180,000

Fantech Keyboard Gaming K611 Fighter TKL
Rp 180,000

Rexus Keyboard Battlefire K9SE Gaming
Rp 190,000

Sades Keyboard Sabre Membrane Rainbow TKL
Rp 190,000

digital alliance Keyboard Ruby Black Rainbow
Rp 205,000

Fantech Keyboard Gaming K11 Madman
Rp 210,000

Fantech Keyboard Gaming K610 RGB Zexter
Rp 220,000

digital alliance Keyboard K7 Gaming LED 3 in 1
Rp 250,000
Dragon Keyboard TM-8 Gaming
(USB Wired, 3 LED Backlighting)
Rp 260,000

Fantech Keyboard Gaming K12 Outlaw
Rp 260,000

Logitech Keyboard K270 Wireless
Rp 260,000

Rexus Keyboard Fortress K9 RGB Gaming Backlight
Rp 270,000

Rapoo Vpro Keyboard V52S Gaming
(Backlit Gaming Keyboard)
Rp 295,000

Sades Keyboard Bladewolf
Rp 300,000
Imperion Keyboard Gaming Trooper 7 KG-M07F Mechanical
(Tenkeyless (TKL))
Rp 310,000

Logitech Keyboard Wireless / Bluetooth K375s
Rp 310,000
Imperion Keyboard Gaming Trooper 10 KG-M10F Mechanical
Rp 340,000

Fantech Gaming Keyboard MK-852 RGB Mechanical Blue Switch
Rp 360,000

Rapoo Vpro Keyboard V500 ALLOY Mechanical
Rp 375,000

Armaggeddon Keyboard NightHawk KAI-5
(Adjustable backlighting intensity and color [red, blue], 11 programmable macro keys, on-the-fly profile switch, gaming cluster with anti-ghosting capability)
Rp 383,000

Rexus Keyboard MX5 Mechanical Legionare TKL
(87 keys anti ghost, 6 color LED in different row, 9 lighting mode)
Rp 410,000

NYK Nemesis Gaming Keyboard KM-09 Mechanical TKL
(USB Wired, RGB Backlight, Tenkeyless, Kailh Blue Switch (Clicky))
Rp 430,000

Rexus Keyboard MX2 Mechanical Legionare
(104 keys anti ghost, 6 color LED, gold plated USB port)
Rp 445,000

Aula Keyboard Mechanical AK2012 TKL RGB
Rp 450,000

Rexus Keyboard MX6 Mechanical Legionare
(104 keys anti ghost, 6 color LED in different row, double color injection keycaps, 8 lighting mode)
Rp 455,000
Delux Titan Gaming Keyboard KM06S
Rp 485,000

Logitech Keyboard K380 Bluetooth Multi-Device Black
Rp 490,000

Logitech Keyboard K380 Bluetooth Multi-Device Blue
Rp 490,000

Rexus Keyboard Gaming Mechanical Legionare MX10 RGB
(Blue / Red Switch)
Rp 500,000

Fantech Keyboard Gaming Mechanical MK871 Pantheon (Brown Switch)
Rp 510,000

Fantech Keyboard Gaming Mechanical MK881 Pantheon (Full Size)
Rp 530,000

SteelSeries Keyboard Apex 100
(USB Wired, Blue backlighting, 24 anti ghosting keys, fully programmable, gaming mode / Windows lock)
Rp 540,000

Rexus Keyboard MX7 Mechanical Legionare RGB
(104 keys anti ghost, full RGB spectrum, aluminium alloy, blue switch, palm rest)
Rp 550,000

Aula Keyboard Mechanical SI-890S Wings Of Liberty RGB
Rp 570,000

Logitech Keyboard K480 Bluetooth Multi-Device Black
Rp 590,000

Logitech Keyboard K400 Plus TV Wireless Touch Black
Rp 614,000

Logitech Keyboard K400r Wireless Touch White
Rp 614,000
Sorry, out of stock

Fantech Keyboard Gaming Mechanical MK883 Pantheon RGB
Rp 630,000

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