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Webcams / Microphones

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Fantech MC20 Leviosa Professional Condenser Microphone
Rp 120,000
Webcam Joyflash W7 720p
Rp 150,000

NYK Nemesis Clip-On Microphone MCL-01 Necro
Omni-Directional Condenser Microphone
Rp 190,000
M-Tech UK100 USB Microphone Condenser
Rp 200,000
Full HD 1080p Webcam
USB connection for camera + microphone
Rp 220,000

JETE W5 Webcam
HD 720px, built-in analog 3.5mm microphone, 120 degree horizontal viewing angle, 1.2m USB cable length
Rp 260,000

NYK Nemesis A50 Crusher Full HD 1080p Webcam
Rp 260,000

Hikvision DS-U02 2 MP Webcam
Built-in microphone, USB connection for camera + microphone, 1.5m cable length, horizontal FOV: 86, vertical FOV: 55, diagonal FOV: 95
Rp 300,000

Webcam Fantech C30 Luminous
Rp 320,000
Webcam M-Tech WB300
Rp 350,000

Webcam CLiPtec RZW388 Hallo 1080p Full HD Wide-Angle
Rp 380,000

NYK Nemesis Condenser Microphone MCN-05 Klio USB
Mini tripod included
Rp 390,000

NYK Nemesis MCN-07 Trident Condenser Microphone
Rp 490,000

Webcam NYK Nemesis Gaming A80 Night Hawk
Rp 500,000

Webcam A4TECH PK-635P
720p HD WebCam
Rp 550,000

Webcam NYK Nemesis Gaming A90 Everest
Rp 600,000

Webcam A4TECH PK-910H
1080p Full-HD WebCam
Rp 700,000

Webcam Logitech C270
Plug and play HD 720p video calling, built-in microphone, fixed focus, 1.5m cable length
Rp 720,000

Webcam Logitech C310
Rp 780,000

Razer Seiren Mini Microphone (Quartz)
Ultra-compact Streaming Microphone
Rp 800,000

Razer Seiren Mini Microphone (Mercury)
Ultra-compact Streaming Microphone
Rp 814,000

Webcam Logitech C505 HD
720p/30fps max resolution, up to 3m microphone range, 60 degrees diagonal field of view, 2m USB cable length
Rp 850,000

Microphone Condenser Thronmax Mdrill Dome Plus (M3 PLUS)
USB, Sample Rate: 96kHz, Bit Rate: 24bit, 16mm and 10mm condenser high quality capsule: 2 condenser capsules, Recording Patterns: Cardioid, Omni-Directional, Frequency Response: 20Hz 20kHz
Rp 950,000

Webcam Logitech C525 HD
Rp 1,000,000

HyperX SoloCast USB Gaming Microphone
Rp 1,050,000

Webcam Logitech B525 HD
Autofocus, Foldable Business Webcam
Rp 1,100,000

Webcam Logitech C615
Portable HD 1080p video calling with autofocus
Rp 1,500,000

Razer Seiren X Condenser Microphone (Classic Black)
Rp 1,600,000

Razer Seiren X Condenser Microphone (Mercury White)
Rp 1,850,000

Webcam Logitech C922 Pro Stream
Rp 2,250,000

HyperX QuadCast S USB Condenser Gaming Microphone
Dynamic RGB lighting effects customizable with HyperX NGENUITY Software, Tap-to-Mute sensor with LED indicator, Four selectable polar patterns, Mount adapter included, Built-in headphone jack, 3m USB cable length
Rp 2,690,000

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