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Fan Enermax T.B.Apollish 12cm Red
(Circular LED Fan up to 12 diodes)
Rp 174,000

Fan Thermaltake ModX Fan 8cm
(World First “Programmable Logo Fan”, customized your own words to meet your style. (You can have up to 16 characters each layer and there are 8 layers totaled to 128 characters). 80x80x25 Fan. (1700RP)
Rp 174,000

Fan Cooler Master JetFlo 120 Red
(12cm Red LED)
Rp 230,000

Fan Cooler Master MasterFan Pro 120AF
Rp 242,000

Fan Corsair AF140 White LED
Rp 247,000

Fan Corsair SP140 Green LED
Rp 247,000

Fan Enermax U.R.Vegas 12cm Red
(USB powered, patented circular type LED with up to 18 diodes and 7 switchable modes, 1250 (±10%) rpm)
Rp 247,000

Fan Corsair AF140 Blue LED
Rp 255,000

Fan Corsair AF140 Red LED
Rp 255,000

Fan Enermax Apollish 12cm Blue
(120 x 120 x 25 mm, 700~1700 (±10%))
Rp 261,000

Fan NZXT RF-FZ20S-W1 (White LED)
(20cm, 3-pin, 103 CFM, 700 ± 200 RPM)
Rp 295,000

Fan Corsair AF120 Twin Pack Blue LED
Rp 330,000

Fan Corsair AF120 Twin Pack Red LED
Rp 330,000

Fan Corsair AF120 Twin Pack White LED
Rp 330,000

Fan Corsair SP120 Twin Pack Blue LED
Rp 360,000

Fan Corsair SP120 Twin Pack Green LED
Rp 360,000

Fan Corsair SP120 Twin Pack Red LED
Rp 360,000

Fan Thermaltake Riing 12cm LED RGB (3 pack)
Rp 660,000
Sorry, out of stock

Fan Thermaltake Riing 14cm LED RGB (3 pack)
Rp 680,000

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