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Thermal Grease

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Thermal Grease ID Cooling ID-TG01 Silver
Rp 30,000

Thermal Grease Deepcool Z3
Rp 50,000

Thermal Grease Deepcool Z5
Rp 55,000
Sorry, out of stock

Thermal Grease ID Cooling ID-TG31
(Grey, 3gr)
Rp 90,000

Thermal Grease Cooler Master IC Essential E2
(High Thermal Conductivity, Non-Curing, Non-Capacitive, Non-Corrosive, <0.190 degree Celsius-in2/W)
Rp 100,000
Sorry, out of stock

Thermal Grease Noctua NT-H1
Rp 120,000

Thermal Grease Thermaltake TG-2
(Thermal Conductivity 1.5 W/m-k, Gray, Weight 4g)
Rp 120,000

Thermal Grease ARCTIC MX-2
(8g Net Weight)
Rp 160,000
Sorry, out of stock

Thermal Grease Cooler Master Extreme Fusion X1
(Ultra High Thermal Conductivity (9.5W/mK), Over twice the thermal conductivity of Standard TIM, Thermal Compound made in Japan)
Rp 160,000
Sorry, out of stock

Thermal Grease ARCTIC MX-4
(4g Net Weight)
Rp 165,000
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